It’s time to liberate yourself from the demands of the consumer capitalist culture and create a thriving life that's in alignment with your highest calling.

It’s time to stop playing small so that people around you can feel comfortable and start cultivating Divine Confidence so that no matter what’s happening in the world outside of you, you're grounded in a   powerful knowing of who you are, and what you’re here to do.

The School of Divine Confidence is designed specifically for rising women leaders, spiritual seekers and changemakers who know deep within their bones they’re here to make a contribution to the world but find themselves holding back or playing small

This is for you if:


  • You’re consumed with self-doubt and insecurities and it’s burning you up inside because you know in your bones you’re here to do so much more.

  • You are constantly comparing yourself to others and/or looking outside of you for validation--and you want to stop

  • You’re frustrated, floundering, and flying under the radar

  • You compulsively play small in all areas of your life even though you know you have something valuable to contribute

  • You have a nagging feeling you are being called to do something totally different, maybe even outside the box, but you don’t know where to start (or even if you should)


Or maybe you just feel a massive void in your life and your soul is screaming for more.

I want you to know you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

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